July 2nd, 2008

It’s  a distinct possiblity at this point that my husband and I will be moving to London in the next few months.  If they let us into the country, that is.  From what I’ve heard, they’re being quite selective about immigrants lately.  But I can’t blame them – it’s an island after all.

It took a long time for us to come to the final decision to go.  There are a lot of uncertainties and it will certainly be a leap of faith.  But aside from the worry of living day to day and finding a good apartment, I’ve made a list of other things that scare me about moving to London.  Since they are largely fictitious in nature, though, at least I can look at this and know that these things will never affect me.

1.  the rage virus, and thus also fast zombies

2.  daleks

3.  cybermen

4.  ghosts (because according to Most Haunted, every building in the UK is haunted)

5.  falling through the cracks and ending up in the London Below

6.  what happened in Children of Men

7.  a community of cannibals descended from Victorian railway workers that lurk in abandoned Tube stations (as in Death Line)

8.  British peanut butter and black currant Skittles (sadly, not fictitious and very, very bad)

(Update) 9.  Amy Winehouse

One Response to “Fears”

  1. Brian Trammel on July 6, 2008 4:38 pm

    *shudders at 8 and 9*

    I love you!

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